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What you think about in the morning is what you end up manifesting.

What you think about in the morning is what you end up manifesting.

Starting your day with manifestation also means you are beginning your day to attract positive energy, and that energy will give you a source of liveliness throughout your day. 

The majority of successful people we know have morning routines, whether they get up at 5 a.m. to work or walk a pet. Morning routines are about more than just skincare, breakfast, and workouts; they can also be about taking care of your mental health and manifesting your dreams for the future.

Before we proceed, let us know what manifestation means - manifestation is the public display of emotion or feeling or the realization of something theoretical. Manifestation has its roots in religion and spirituality because it is said to be a manifestation when something spiritual becomes real. Based on its definition, manifestation is something that our physical self cannot do; it is between our minds and spirituality. 


There are numerous methods for manifesting; manifesting is not like a genie; it is a combination of will, mindset, and actions. Here is a list of some manifestation methods that can help you in changing your life:

1. Vision board - it can be a simple board and write all your manifestation on it, put it right next to your bed so you can see it first thing in the morning.

2. Journaling - writing on a notebook or paper about how your day went or how you want your day to be.

3. Surround yourself with positivity - maintaining a healthy mindset will be easier if you surround yourself with like-minded and supportive people. Having a healthy mind will help you attract positive energy.

4. Count your blessings - knowing what you already have will help you learn what you want to manifest, and at the same time, it can help you appreciate everything.

5. Practice the 369-manifestation method - write your manifestation three times in the morning - 6 times throughout the day - 9 times at night.

6. Pillow method - write down your dreams at night and place them under your pillow. It allows you to think positively at the end of the day. It improves your dream state, which lasts until morning.

As previously stated, manifestation is a mixture of will, mindset, spirituality, and actions. You cannot get what you really want unless you use those four combinations. Mornings are significant because they are when you begin your day. Mornings are indicators of how productive or successful your day will be. Many people do nothing first thing in the morning. But let us use this time when we are stress-free and worry-free to decide how we want our lives to be.