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Strengthens your relationships

Many people believe that crystals have healing power. There are also those that believe they can store information and energy. However, it would probably be in your best interest to just say, "Yes" and try it out yourself.
Crystals can be used to

Alleviate stress
Promote the natural healing of the mind and body
Reduce pain and infection
Eliminating negative energy from places like houses and workplaces
Strengthens your relationships

🔥 Certified USUI & Holy Fire Reiki Master

Reiki has helped me feel more at peace and balanced, and overall, has greatly improved my well-being.

Reiki Master

I have been practicing for six years and have extensive experience in energy work. After experiencing health problems and emotional issues, I began practicing Reiki to alleviate stress and thyroid imbalance. My energy flow and mood levels improved significantly. In order to spread awareness about Reiki, I became a Certified Reiki Practitioner.

The Healing Power of Reiki

Medical conditions that may be caused by underlying emotional issues include high blood pressure, thyroid problems, sugar imbalance, fibroids, and others. These conditions can be relieved or prevented with the help of Reiki therapy. I personally found relief from my fibroids after learning Reiki. The practice has helped me feel more at peace and balanced, and overall, has greatly improved my well-being. I have seen these treatments improve my quality of life as well as the lives of many of my clients.



Distance deep healing is a 60 mins session that can be done in your own space. This is commonly used for healing emotional traumas, depression, past life regression, and other physical medical conditions, where the body cannot take care of itself. Reiki energy helps in cleaning your aura and opening the blocked energy of chakras. It works through intention and connection with your higher self/spirit/God source, so there is no limit as to how far away it can work.

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This energy super-boost is a 30 mins session that will help to connect your mind and body so that you can easily listen to your body what it wants and needs. It’s essential to have a strong connection with our bodies because it holds all the information about us. We are the ones who choose what we do with that information. The more we connect with our bodies, the more we can heal ourselves and live healthier. The key is learning how to listen and trust your body.

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My passion lies in nurturing the well-being of your furry, feathered, or scaled family members. We offer a safe and tranquil environment where animals can receive the love and healing energy they deserve. Tailored to the unique needs of your pet, our Animal Reiki sessions promote physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony. With this they will be able to Support recovery from illness or injury by stimulating the body's natural healing abilities.

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House Energy Cleaning

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Gratitude Journal

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Deepti's healing sessions have helped me to overcome many physical ailments that
were slowing down my life. She has also helped me release emotional problems that
were holding me back from being completely happy and healthy. She is very intuitive
and always knows exactly where to place her hands during a session. She can tell you
what's happening in your body and how she can help you heal it.

Lauren Clark

The Reiki sessions received from Deepti have helped me a lot in dealing with stress and anxiety issues. My back had become stiff due to anxiety and stress since August 2021. My sleep was also disturbed for the last 6 months. After my first reiki session, I felt relaxed a bit and had slightly better sleep. After 4 more sessions, the stiffness in back had reduced by 80% and I was able to sleep for 6 to 7 hours easily. I now also don’t have the fear of unknown and my self confidence has also improved a great deal. Deepti is a very patient listener and one does need that quality to be an effective healer. She likes to help people and has the ability to offer guidance on being positive in life.

I wish all the very best to her future endeavours and hope that she connects more and more people to spread positivity, joy, love, and, care.


I cannot express how much Deepti has helped me and my family. I am a massage
therapist myself but was having shoulder and neck pain that was keeping me from
working at my full potential. I saw Deepti and she was able to help me with my pain,
as well as offer other treatments that have helped me so much. I have been seeing her
for several years now and would never go anywhere else! She is amazing!

Kari SimpsonMassage Therapist

At the time of my appointment, I'd had a stressful week (bills and work stress to put it bluntly), to give a bit of context, I’m a new mom with an 18 months old baby, I’m in my 30’s and currently just got back to work from maternity leave. Speaking with Deepti was good, the experience gave me goosebumps. And as I told her, she showed me rays of light, as if she was my candle in the night.

Jessa S.

I have been writing this for the experience of the Reiki session with Deepti. Initially, I started this session just to test whether its effective or not. During the first session, I shared each problem and my Goals, and the additional questions asked by Deepti. Surprisingly, 2-3 days post first session, I started getting what exactly was expected. Then, I scheduled another session after 6-7 days. That works like a wonder for me. It was such an amazing experience through Reiki, how it can help to get rid of your physical and mental health, moreover, it'll help to get the future goals as well. I would appreciate the way Deepti helped me with Reiki and A big thanks from my side. I will recommend everyone go for a Reiki session with Deepti once and see the results.

Jasvir Gill