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Common mistakes that might be hindering your manifestations

Common mistakes that might be hindering your manifestations

Often, you find yourself thinking and getting emotionally discouraged because you have not seen the results of your manifestations.

Something like, "I'm just supposed to think positive thoughts, and good things will just be attracted to me, right? 

And now, you have this constant feeling of frustration growing inside of you. 

"Am I doing it the wrong way?"

“Maybe my desires are just not meant to be…”

Please keep in mind, that you are worthy of your dreams and desires, you just need to adjust some things to get there. 

Here are some of the mistakes that most people make that hinder manifestation;

 1. The first thing is not being clear about what you want.

This might sound ridiculous since the step stage to manifestation is to visualize your dreams. Many people when starting their manifestation journey most times want ‘better’ or ‘more’ but when asked what it really is that they want, they can’t answer. Imagine trying to order food from a restaurant and they ask you "What would you like to get?" And you can't answer, how do you expect to get what you want? 

 In order to manifest your dreams, you have to be 100% clear on exactly what you want.

2. Doubting the universe.

That’s a big one. A very common mistake that most people make when it comes to manifesting is not trusting the universe. Did the universe hear me? Do I need to keep asking? Is it really coming? When? How long do I have to wait? Why hasn’t it come yet? You are already worrying too much about how and when it should happen. Trust that the universe heard you and that your desires are on their way. Trust that you don’t need to figure out the how or the when, you can let the universe do all of that. Just leave the how and when to God.

3. Focusing on the wrong things.

What we focus on, expands. What we put energy on, manifests.

Keep in mind, that when you want to manifest anything, then you have to focus on what you want, and not, on what you don’t want. This is so important. Most people get this totally wrong.

When you focus on the problems, challenges, hardships, worry, fear, and all that is ‘wrong’ or ‘missing’ in your life, we naturally attract more of the same to us. That’s the basis of the Law of Attraction. Give all your energy, attention, thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs to all the things and people who make you feel good. Embrace positivity.

 4. Being Impatient


On the other side, it is also very important that you don’t get too impatient with the actualization of your dreams. This is another crucial mistake that can hinder the manifestation of your dreams.

 5. Not taking actions


Do you want what you want just enough to sit passively by and wait for it to be delivered to you? Or do you want it badly enough to take action for it to manifest? When you know what you want, and you take actions towards bringing it into manifestation, then the law of attraction will guide your path. However, if you just sit there and wait for things to happen by themselves then nothing is going to happen. You always have to take action!

Action shows the Universe you’re serious and that you really want it. Moving in the direction of what you want draws it to you. While sitting passively by does nothing.

Practice saying “yes” more often and welcoming in new opportunities, even when they’re not exactly what you asked for. To welcome change is to grow and to move closer to your desires. You never know what opportunities are going to be stepping stones on the way to your manifestation.