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What The Venus Star Point means for you and your Relationship

What The Venus Star Point means for you and your Relationship

On 22 October, we will be experiencing a Venus Star Point, which marks the beginning of a journey into love. This Venus Star Point is the beginning of a new romantic expedition that begins the eight-year vision.

If you’re single and looking for love, then 22 October is an optimal time to start putting yourself out there on dating apps, asking friends to set you up on dates and to start manifesting a relationship.As a result, we can expect to experience more intense and desirable romantic connections. We will want to jump head-first into potential love without thinking.


Let us take a look at how 22 October’s Venus Star Point will affect your zodiac sign.



- Aries


You tend to put the needs of others before your own. This should be the time for you to take a big step back and let your significant other prove that they are worthy of your time and be the one to work hard to gain your affection and adoration.



- Taurus


A nice dinner for two will set the mood during the Venus Star Point for some serious loving and tenderness!



- Gemini


During this phase, seek a creative project in which you and your significant other can both participate in.



- Cancer


The best to do at this time is to get cozy at home with the person you love the most.



- Leo


Watch how others treat you because they’ll be in the mood to spoil you. You may even receive a sweet text, love letter or even flowers from a possible partner!



- Virgo


Although this will be a time for forgiveness for you, you shouldn't ignore red flags when they appear. Remember that you are deserving of being treated like the amazing person you are by everyone you know.



- Libra


During this time you should take time out of your busy schedule to unwind and relax with your significant other or crush.



- Scorpio


Harmony, compassion and peace with others should be a priority to you at the moment. During this time you might be able to create the relationship you crave due to the strong foundation you’re setting in place.



- Sagittarius


It is time to manifest your ideal partner. Write your love goals on paper and actively speak the words out loud.



- Capricorn


If you are already in a stable relationship, then this might be just the time for you to consider starting a business with your partner.



- Aquarius


If you're not in a stable relationship you will find a person who sparks your interest.



- Pisces


Speak out your desires and let your emotions run deeper and hotter than ever. Don’t hold back from letting your innermost sentiments be known.