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Guides To Increasing the Flow Of Reiki Energy

Guides To Increasing the Flow Of Reiki Energy

Some people might occasionally have felt that Reiki might not be flowing as intended when you are giving Reiki to someone else or even yourself. This may be perplexing or distressing, especially for novice practitioners. In this brief article, we will explore ways to deal with this and increase the natural flow of your Reiki energy.

During the Reiki session, sometimes the practitioner does not feel the energy flowing, and this situation can occur because the energy flow isn't directed to the practitioner but to the client. To make sure that the energy is flowing as intended, ask the client for their feedback. Almost always, they will report feeling more calm and more relaxed.

If your client is having trouble feeling the Reiki energy (which is a rare occurrence), to increase the likelihood that the client will be more sensitive to receiving Reiki, schedule the session when the receiver can lie down and relax. This situation will allow the client to be more aware of subtle feelings of calmness and peace within them.

However, if you are still having trouble with feeling the Reiki energy flow or having difficulty making your client feel the energy. In that case, we will present some ideas and methods you can incorporate into your sessions right away to solve this problem.

At the beginning of your sessions, start with the following Byosen Scanning techniques. Place your hands in the Gassho, say a prayer giving thanks for the opportunity to help another, and ask that the Reiki energy flow powerfully. Then bring your hands up, so the thumbs touch the third eye and ask to be guided to where the person needs the Reiki energy and let your intuition guide you where to place your hands.

It is also super important to always listen to what the client has to say; feedbacks are always welcome. After listening for a while, you might want to say to the client that I am happy to hear their issues and mention that the energy will flow more strongly now that they have opened up and are more quieter.

Another great technique is to ask the client to focus on a soothing color. Visualizing a color activates the right side of the brain, the intuitive, creative brain. This technique will calm down the left side of the brain, the logical, analytical side, which helps the client to stop hovering over and over the same thoughts. They may report feeling more relaxed after the use of this technique, which can help the energy flow.

Our fondest wish is that the ideas and techniques presented in this article will help you and your clients to have a better feel of the amazing flow of energy of Reiki!