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Significance Of the New Moon Solar  Eclipse

Significance Of the New Moon Solar Eclipse

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is always full of surprises. If you are open to it, this supercharged "New Moon Eclipse" could provide just the boost you’ve been needing. Eclipses like these have a way of creating sweeping change, while new moons are all about setting new intentions. This might be just the time to tackle your finances or connect with a lover!


A new moon occurs whenever the sun can only illuminate the part of the moon we can’t see from Earth. In ancient times, people would often time their harvest around the lunar calendar. They would plant all their seeds under a new moon at the beginning of the cycle, when the sky was at its darkest, to protect the seeds. It is quite interesting how this same concept applies nicely to our intentions.


When planting seeds or initiating an intention, you must first create in your mind, in the dark, before whatever you want can be created in the physical world. However, when we do that under a new moon, we are able to take advantage of a little window of time when the universe is most receptive to initiation.


With a New Moon Eclipse, it would be wise to anticipate a push to dive deep into your values. This period is all about your sense of purpose, your self-esteem, your ability to make the intangible tangible, and your overall sense of self-worth.


The key questions to ask yourself under this new eclipse are: What is my main goal in life right now? When do I feel most confident and aligned with my power? Am I communicating my needs effectively? Use this New Moon Eclipse to check your priorities in life and reanalyze your goals according to them.