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Reiki Principles and their Uses

Reiki Principles and their Uses

Reiki principles can be used in many different ways, more popularly as mantras to help you guide your thoughts and actions each day. This promotes spiritual and personal growth, which helps you to live a long, healthy, and more fulfilling life.


Seek negative emotions and free them


The first principle focuses on improving your relationships by dealing with anger and negative emotions.


To incorporate this principle into your life with ease, try following these steps:


1. Verbally say "Today I will release and cleanse myself of angry and negative thoughts" aloud.


2. Reflect about the times you felt angry today and think about any anger you might have experienced in the last few days.


3. Ask your higher self to help you release those negative feelings


4. Take two deep breaths. Imagine letting go of angry energy every time you exhale.


Recognize and let go


The second principle is all about releasing thoughts of worry. To practice this;


1. Say "I release my worried thoughts and anything that is slowing me down" aloud.


2. Remember the times you felt worried today, and also think about the most recent times you felt worried


3. Ask your higher self to help you let go of these worries.


4. Take two deep breaths. Think of releasing worry energy with each exhale.



Gratitude practices.


The third principle involves gratitude and the act of being thankful. To make good use of this principle you have to:


1. Say “I’m grateful and thankful for who I am” aloud


2. Think about everything that left a positive impact on your life, whether this is a person, object, or scenario. Pause and express gratitude for each one.


3. Fill yourself with each thought and try to connect even more with your higher self.



Analyzing your own consciousness


The fourth principle, "I expand my consciousness" involves becoming more aware of the present moment and acknowledging your own mindfulness. Paying attention to the here and now, and living in the present moment.


You can put this into practice by repeating the principle aloud to yourself and visualize when you have recently experienced greater consciousness. That can include:


- meditation walks

- being thankful

- feeling yourself in the present moment



Kindness Practices


The fifth principle talks about recognizing when you acted unkind, which allows you to acknowledge how this makes you feel, analyzing and giving these feelings the attention they deserve and when you feel ready, let go of those emotions.


1. Say "I will be gentle with all living beings, including myself!" aloud


2. Rationalize and think about times when you acted unkind to yourself or others.


3. Recognize any possible past guilt or negative feeling that relates to these past events, and connect with your higher self and ask to release that energy.


4. Take two deep breaths. Think of releasing that negative energy on each exhale.