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Mercury Retrograde and its Effects on your Zodiac Sign

Mercury Retrograde and its Effects on your Zodiac Sign

Recently, Mercury entered retrograde in Libra, which is associated with harmony, friendship, and romance. You can expect this experience to create new experiences in your relationships. Let's take a look at what your Mercury retrograde journey will look like according to your sign.




Get ready to dive deep into your current relationships while evaluating your whole conception of harmony, togetherness, and empathy. Mercury will station retrograde in your seventh house of partnerships, which may bring up some past trauma, heartbreak, and past disappointments.




It is time to start a significant self-care routine and look at habits you tend to rely on. Ask yourself these questions: "Are they supporting your highest growth? Are they bringing you a sense of accomplishment without draining your energy?" You will know the best for you.




Since Mercury is your ruling planet, this retrograde will affect you on an extreme level. This retrograde can lower the heat in your current relationship and leave you feeling artistically stifled. During this time, you may encounter someone from your past that will remind you of a feeling you’ve been missing. It could even encourage you to pick up a creative project you’ve abandoned and pick up where you left off.




Is there something you've been avoiding to do? Some trauma or disagreement that you have been refusing to resolve? Are you working too often even to enjoy being at home? This Mercury station will encourage you to heal your relationship and sort out all the leftover things in your life.




"Think before you speak" is one phrase you should always keep in mind during this time. Prepare for people who “ghosted” to suddenly start replying and old people who you may not like coming back to your life.




This retrograde will challenge your whole self-esteem, especially if you've been working on the wrong things these past weeks. You may feel like you require something that you can’t satisfy. This is the best time to rethink your life choices.




This retrograde may lead you to experience a total re-evaluation of yourself. It’s time to remember the person you’ve always been, especially if you’ve set that person aside for someone else’s needs.




This retrograde could bring you face to face with some past traumas and your inner demons. Your will to succeed has to be stronger than your fears, mainly when relying on your emotions as motivation.




This period can make you feel a bit down, with "leaving the party" type of vibes. However, this doesn't indicate trouble in your friendship group at all. It means reconnection with old colleagues, acquaintances, and teammates you’ve lost touch with.




This retrograde will likely throw a wrench in some of your professional plans. This is the best time to think creatively when solving work-related problems. You can't always depend on other people to solve your problems for you. You should learn to be more independent and free.




This station can take you down an unexpected path in your life, but that doesn't mean it will lead to bad things. You should embrace detours and delays that force you to take the road less traveled. Allow the wind to take you somewhere that is both fascinating and confronting. Moments like these are unique, and you should enjoy them.




You may feel in the mood to settle debts and unsolved financial situations in your life since this retrograde may bring up some financial dilemmas that require your attention. It's time to sort things out and make peace to set yourself free.