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Top 4 Reiki Meditation Techniques

Top 4 Reiki Meditation Techniques

According to Reiki beliefs, if your ki levels are low or blocked, you’re more susceptible to stress and illness. A Reiki practitioner will lay his or her hands on areas of your body that need a ki adjustment, and that can greatly reduce stress and promotes relaxation and healing. Reiki treatments are often called meditations. What most people don't know is that there is more than just one way of practicing Reiki and getting the most out of its healing and relaxation benefits. Today we will go over 4 Reiki techniques to expand your knowledge of this practice.


Joshin Kokyu Ho


The foundational meditation in the tradition of Reiki. This method greatly improves concentration and clears the energy field. To practice this method you have to find a comfortable seated position and lengthen your spine, press your palms together in front of your chest. Set any intentions that you may have for the practice and then inhale deeply, holding the breath to focus on your intentions and exhale let the life-force in your chakras expand to your body.


Seishin Toitsu


This technique is commonly used to unify the mind with intention, so you can connect with Reiki. This visualization practice helps increase your sensitivity to Reiki in general. Sit comfortably, with your spine lengthened. Bring the palms to touch at the heart’s center. When inhaling, visualize white light traveling from the hands, through the arms, and heart. Exhale, visualize white light traveling back up and out the heart to the hands. Continue doing this for 10 minutes visualizing your meridians clearing with each breath. In the end, give thanks and gently release your meditation.


Kenyoky Ho


Also known as the "dry bathing technique". Dry Bathing is a quick routine that you can practice at the beginning of your usual Reiki practices. Its goal is to cleanse the body, mind, and spirit. The main intention of the "Kenyoku Ho" technique is to clear anything that is preventing us from being an open and receptive channel for Reiki. To practice this method you have to bring the palms to touch in front of the heart’s center. Hold the intention to clear anything that prevents you from being a clear and open channel for Reiki. With each breath, you will move your hand to a part of your body that needs cleansing, and at the end bring your palms to touch the heart’s center to acknowledge your practice.


Nentatsu Ho


A technique focused on reprogramming thoughts and patterns. You can use this healing meditation to connect with the subconscious and release habits and beliefs that aren’t serving you. To get started Sit up in a meditative posture or lie down comfortably, and then Place one hand on the forehead and one hand on the base of the skull. Now, bring to mind a thought or intention that you want to solidify. Keep your statement in the present tense, and positive. The final step is to repeat your new belief for approximately 5 minutes while sharing Reiki.