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Things to do and Avoid During The New Moon

Things to do and Avoid During The New Moon

The new Moon is one of the Moon's many phases. In this phase, the Moon and sun align, which marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle and often brings us loads of new beginnings in our lives. This makes the new moon a perfect time for practicing self-reflection, and goal-setting.


Most people are already unconsciously connected and resonating with this energy, creating new habits, starting new projects and initiating life changes around the same time as the new moon. That is why today we will bring you some dos and don'ts for this very special time!




Intention setting


Every month and with every new moon, the universe delivers us an extra boost of intention-setting energy. So why not take advantage of that by focusing on one or two intentions you’re particularly passionate about?


Take your time to come up with intentions that are clear and as specific as you can make them. Think: “Obtain a new job that brings me fulfillment, with a higher salary than I currently have." Or maybe: "Pass the bar exam on my next try.” Not only will they inform the universe of your aspirations, but they'll also keep you focused on what you're already pursuing.


Begin something new


The new Moon is also known as the most fertile day of all the lunar cycle. If there were a perfect time for initiating anything new, it would undoubtedly be the new Moon! Start to learn a new skill, apply for that job, and ask that person on a date. The goal here is to start something you're passionate about! Now is the perfect moment to begin anew.


 Go on a first date


Speaking of fresh new starts - a first date is an excellent activity for a new Moon. The universe is brimming with energy and possibility—the perfect time to plant the seeds for a new relationship.




Declining Unexpected Invites


The new Moon is a great time to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors as much as you can. Also, since a new moon is great for meeting new people, consider saying yes to any (and all!) random invites that come your way!


 Avoiding New People


New Moons are famous for their ability to bring people into our lives. So often, these newcomers bring us lessons our souls crave, and you may never recognize them, so if you encounter someone different or outside your usual type during a new moon, be open and curious. You never know what joys or ideas they may bring.


 Quitting something


The new Moon is a time of creation. Deciding to give up on anything you truly care about on a new moon may prove to be a waste of energy. Instead, focus your energy on starting something new, not stopping something you are already doing.