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Reiki, An effective solution to meditation

Reiki, An effective solution to meditation

More often than not, people know that meditation brings a lot of benefits to our life, but people who try to meditate for the first time tend to meet a common obstacle. They often say something along the lines of "my mind doesn't stop thinking" "I'm too stressed out to sit still" "I can't focus" and the list goes on. But to be fair, this is one of the, if not the biggest obstacle people have to face when starting meditation. This ongoing mind chatter is the main reason why people give up meditation in pure frustration.

We definitely get it, it's not easy to overcome this and that is why we want to present to you a solution to your problem "Reiki". Multiple people have reported that after Reiki they were able to quieten their minds which lead them to improvements in their meditation practice. Before Reiki, most of them said they couldn't meditate for longer than 5 minutes and also reported higher levels of stress.

Reiki is a life force of energy in action, during a Reiki session, the practitioner will place their hands on your body to activate your energy centers or chakras within your body. Reiki energy is an active and natural flow of life force directed and absorbed by all levels of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Your body will use the Reiki energy to find balance in its own way.

During a Reiki session, you will dive deep into a more prolonged and intense meditative state in which the brain is able to produce the same meditative alpha allowing you to experience the same effects of meditation without the discipline practice. The major difference between Reiki and meditation is the technique used to gain the same result.

The combination of Reiki and Meditation can bring some meaningful benefits, such as:

- Helps relax your mind and reduce stress.
- Provides clarity of thought.
- Increase the ability to focus.
- Increase overall feelings of wellbeing
- Improves your ability to problem solve.
- Removal of energy blocks in your body to allow energy to flow.
- Helps you connect better with your spiritual side
- Trains your awareness in perspective. By not trying to turn off your thoughts or feelings, in time you will learn how to observe them without judgment.

There are various different ways that you can try and mix things together to adapt to your style of life when meditating with Reiki, the general guideline is to follow which practice works the best for you. Remember that this is a method to reduce stress, anxiety and provide feelings of happiness, peace of mind, and increase focus. Go at your own pace and keep in mind that everyone has a different time to do things, so don't push yourself and try to find enjoyment in your own self-improvement journey!