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How does The First Quarter Moon affect our Lives?

How does The First Quarter Moon affect our Lives?

The first quarter moon is defined by its perfect half circle appearing in the sky, where the right side is illuminated by direct sunlight, thus giving it its nickname, half moon.


This is one of the most critical phases of the lunar cycle as we get closer to a significant turning point. Feelings of nostalgia as well as a subconscious preparation to embrace the new. This is an active phase where long-term decisions with permanent implications are made.





This is a critical time for growth, being careful and considering action is vital during the First Quarter. Planning ahead of time will come in handy during this period, and don’t rush into anything before you take those first few steps to achieve your goals.





It is common to feel emotional during the first quarter moon, and you may feel like discussing things that have been bothering you in your relationship. Trust your intuition during this quarter moon. Any previous relationship struggles from the Crescent Phase tend to result in a clean break from the past. If you have recently been through a breakup or divorce, try to recognize the new fresh start that will help you move forward from now on.





It is essential to keep your meditation routine in check during the First Quarter Moon. Focus your meditation on new and positive energy while attracting strength, luck, and vitality towards you. This should then grow as the moon waxes.





The first quarter moon is also a reminder that we need to increase our pace and act on the career goals we set at the New Moon. Be more active in pursuing your goals, work confidently, and put in effort, and you will start to manifest your dream career. Of course, you will inevitably face challenges and obstacles but don’t retreat – move through any resistance with assurance. Use the energy of the First Quarter Moon in your meditation to attract success and wealth.





The first quarter moon also provides guidance, so when you feel like you need some assistance during this period, it is highly recommended to seek out a card reader, Reiki healer, crystal gazing, runes, and other methods to assist you