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How to heal through the Moon phases

How to heal through the Moon phases

Healing is the path to wholeness. It is the path to healing from both mental and physical wounds.

What exactly is lunar healing?

Lunar healing is simply healing by means of the moon. The moon revolves around life. Its waxing and fading reflect the rhythm of existence. As a result, it can provide an explanation for life. It is possible to use the waxing and waning of the moon to aid in the healing process. Thus, lunar healing is a method of performing routine tasks by watching the moon's movement.

What are the many types of moon movement?

The moon often moves in two directions. The moon either waxes or wanes. There are eight moon phases throughout these two moves.


The new moon signals a fresh start. When there is no direct sunlight to the moon, its location is in the middle of the sun and the earth. During this time, you may harness the moon's power by making new, focused goals.


The waxing crescent represents growth and expansion. It is critical to open out socially and even romantically. Nurturing via food is equally vital.


The half-moon indicates that it is time to refocus. It's time to unwind when the moon is waxing gibbous. Half of the moon is already receiving sunlight here.


A full moon occurs when the sun and moon align. During this phase, the peak of mediation and the full degree of healing is attained. Charge crystals with the energy of the full moon.

The beginning of the decrease in sunlight is marked by the waxing gibbous. This is the moment to break harmful habits.

The fourth quarter is a time for introspection. The moon's brightness continues to dim. It is time to reflect on our accomplishments and how to move on to the next goal.

More than half of the moon has already vanished during the fading crescent. It represents the conclusion of the lunar cycle and the opportunity to mend and prepare for the next cycle.

There are rituals that may be performed to absorb lunar energy and heal. The moon water ritual, as an example, is a means to maintain and enhance one's health.