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Crystals to use for exhaustion

Crystals to use for exhaustion

Exhaustion sets in when you feel you can't go any farther, or when everything about you tries but can't keep up, especially when you don't feel like your normal self.

Have you ever had a similar experience? You know how exhausting it can be. When you are drained, the good news is that there are crystals that you can utilize. They may not completely heal your weariness, but they will assist you in getting back into your routine, which will help go through the motions.


Here are three crystals that might help you deal with fatigue.



Amethyst can help you clear your mind and purify bad energy around you. It also aids in sleeping, which will leave you rested.


Obsidian (raw)

This crystal will aid you with anger management. As anger is a byproduct of weariness, when it is gone, it'll leave you with more energy to use for your everyday tasks. Plus, it will also aid in suppressing your fears.



It alleviates panic and anxiety episodes. Simply holding sodalite during a panic attack will help you calm down and enhance your deep breathing motions.


Knowing these things can help you in times of exhaustion, or even to prepare when you know you have a rough few days ahead.