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Chakras and the physical world

Chakras and the physical world

If you are following me on Instagram, you might have seen this photo posted, as it explains the development of the interconnection of the physical and spiritual self. But what is it? And how exactly can you use it?


The seven chakras in the body are located at various points along a path that stretches from the base of the spine to the crown. Chakras are energy centers, that when balanced, they spin, allowing energy to travel up the spine. Chakras and the physical world are supposed to operate together in harmony, and they do so in many ways. 


Seven-year cycles, each with a seven-chakra ladder, also influence us on an annual basis. A person's root chakra (fear and security) dominates the first year of every cycle, whereas the last year of the cycle is more focused on spirituality (crown chakra).


Year 1 (root): The root chakra is linked to a sense of safety and belonging, of being firmly planted. As this is the first time we experience life and the Earth, we are mostly governed by fear and grounding to the Earth. 

Year 2 (root and sacral): We are still connected to the Earth, but also start to develop emotions and creativity. A strong connection to our loved ones is now being formed.

Year 3 (root and solar): We now start to see ourselves in relation to others, and start to understand how we fit into the universe at large. 

Year 4 (root and heart): As we enter kindergarten and pre-school, although we are still connected to the Earth, we start being social and making friends. We view love for family and friends in a new light as we venture onto the world on our own. 

Year 5 (root and throat): Starting to speak, use words and communicate with the world. Self expression and a healthy balance between speaking and listening are the primary functions of the throat chakra.

Year 6 (root and third eye): The pineal gland now helps us explore ourselves more, we understand our thoughts and explain them, all while being connected to the Earth.

Year 7 (root and crown): Curiosity about the world around us opens up gates to the collective unconscious and our connection to spirituality.


So years 1-7 have a common theme: the root chakra. Now that you understand how to read the chart, allow me to share some more information:


Ages 8 to 14 (sacral chakra): We express emotions openly, we experience our first love interests and sexuality. Women experience their periods and reproduction. 

Ages 15 to 21 (solar plexus chakra): Self awareness of our souls throughout this time period characteristics this period. This is the reason why people around these ages seem so self absorbed, but they need the time to understand how they influence the world around them, their goals and purpose in life to move forward, without a blocked chakra of this time.

Age 22 to 28 (heart chakra): Some people find their soulmates, some learn to love themselves deeper as they gaze within. But everyone is focused on how they change bring change to the Earth, by being here and understanding love.

Age 29 to 35 (throat chakra): Our focus is on communication and expression of ourselves, being more open and finding our own voice in the world.

Age 36 to 42 (third eye chakra): Intuition, knowledge and how to understand information are all focused on by the third eye. Epiphanies and understanding of one's life experience are common.

Age 43 to 49 (crown chakra): Spiritual enlightenment, universal consciousness and symbiotic relationship with the world are the common themes of this era. Resolution of this time will lead to deep desire for knowledge and comprehension of the cosmos.