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Crystals For Manifesting your Dreams

Crystals For Manifesting your Dreams

Crystals are capable of helping you in many aspects of your life, and there are even crystals capable of helping you manifest your dreams and achieve your goals, depending on the crystal components. Today, we will dive deep into which crystal would be the best to help you bring your dreams to reality.

Money and Success

Pyrite: A powerful crystal that is believed to attract abundance and wealth as well as boost feelings of motivation in business and career.
Citrine: A famous crystal for wealth and success, believed in nurturing creativity, inspiring ideas, and assists in generating money.
Green Aventurine: Also popularly known as the stone of opportunity, this crystal is believed to attract aligned money-making opportunities.


Obsidian: Helps to overcome obstacles in your body, increasing the circulation of energy and natural flow.
Quartz: Also known as the "master healer", which is capable of bringing an optimum vibrational state for healing
Amethyst: soothing, calming, and healing for stress, tension, and fear


Rose quartz: One of the most popular crystals for attracting love and boosting feelings of self-love
Pink kunzite: Increases unconditional love and strengthens the loving communication.
Rhodonite: Has the power to heal emotional wounds and help fight trauma.

Dreams and desires

Celestite: It will strengthen your connection with the divine and helps you remember your dreams, which is helpful for emotional processing.
Iron pyrite: Reduces negative feelings of inadequacy that can prevent you from striving to accomplish your goals, dreams and deep desires.
Clear quartz: Increases clarity on what you truly want and is believed to raise your vibrations to match your deepest desires.

The most common ways to use crystals include Intention-setting, wearing them and meditating with them.

* Intention setting.

Setting an intention with your crystal to give it purpose based on the properties of that specific crystal. To do this, write out your intention or say it out loud. 

When setting your intention, the best practice is to place the crystal in your hand and focus on your intention as if it already happened.

* Wearing them

It's not uncommon to see people wearing crystals as jewelry or simply wearing them throughout the day. To help you achieve your manifestation goals, you can use your crystal as pendants, or you can pop one in your pocket for safekeeping.

* Meditating with them

The combination of crystals and meditation will significantly amplify your manifesting abilities. This happens because meditating allows you to quiet resistant thoughts that can hold you back from manifesting. It is also believed that meditating with crystals can help you receive divine guidance on how to move forward in your journey.

Following these simple steps and methods, you will be able to choose the right crystal for your goal and effectively manifest your desires to achieve your objective.