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What are the Signs you need a Reiki Energy Healing Session

What are the Signs you need a Reiki Energy Healing Session

In this day and age, it is common for self-care practices and treatments to fall aside as we strive to keep up with life's daily demands. However, it's important that you tune into the signs that you may be out of alignment and, therefore, would benefit from a Reiki Healing Session.


Reiki is a form of energy healing that works by moving and cleansing the life force energy (Reiki or Prana) in the etheric body; the etheric body serves as the energy system for the physical body. This is one reason why we should utilize Reiki to help overcome not only mental, emotional, or spiritual ailments but also physical ailments. The etheric body is comprised of 3 major components: nadis, chakras, and aura. Today we will present to you a couple of signs you may be in need of a Reiki session.


Unexpected and unexplained physical pain.


Blockages in your energetic pathways often settle in the weakest parts of your physical body or may even settle in the area of a related chakra. For example, let's say you have an old sports injury on your knee, you may find that your knee begins to hurt unexpectedly, even though you didn't do anything that could damage that area. Or, if you feel unable to truly express yourself, your throat chakra may become inflamed or irritated, attempting to draw your attention to those things left unsaid. Try your best to pay attention to the signs your physical body is giving you.


You feel unable to focus, anxious or imbalanced


Our physical, mental and emotional bodies maintain a close and interconnected relationship with our etheric bodies, requiring balance and clarity for us to perform optimally. If you are experiencing any sudden anxiety, inability to focus, mental fog, or just feeling imbalanced and out of place as a whole, it could be a sign that it's time to rebalance and cleanse your energy with a Reiki healing session.


You are making bad decisions and struggling with your intuition


When we have a big energy blockage, we find ourselves questioning our intuition, that "gut feeling", or struggling to make decisions. Do not allow these feelings to settle for long; instead, take the steps necessary to reclaim your power. If you are related to this, be sure you inform your Reiki practitioner and opt in for a reiki healing session, to perform some focus work on your solar plexus chakra.