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Steps to manage your mental health during the holiday season

Steps to manage your mental health during the holiday season

For everyone of us, the holidays can evoke a completely diverse range of emotions. These emotions could include happiness, warmth, or excitement for certain people. Others may experience feelings of isolation, concern, or tension as a result.  Sometimes,  It's become too much to handle


You have the capacity to reduce your stress by taking the right steps to mentally and emotionally be ready for the holiday season. Ideally, you might even feel happier.


Set self-care as a priority.


The first and most crucial thing to keep in mind is that self-care comes first over the holiday. Too frequently, over the Christmas season, we become preoccupied with thinking about and meeting everyone else's demands at the expense of our own. Now, it's necessary to worry about other people, but not at the price of your own self-care. If you don't first give your all to yourself, how can you give your best to others? Spend some time engaging in activities that "fill your cup," such as reading a book, listening to your favorite music, or watching a movie, as long as you love them. There is no justification for feeling bad about taking short breaks from your regular obligations.


Establish the necessary and suitable boundaries.


The key takeaway from this is that it's acceptable to say "no," especially if you're feeling overextended. Naturally, there are circumstances in which it may not be possible to say "no" (such as when performing responsibilities connected to your employment, for example), but this just means that you must prioritize which additional commitments you accept or decline in order to prevent burnout, resentment, and stress. If you know that particular chores will take up a significant amount of time in the coming weeks, search for little things that you can cross off your list for the time being to give yourself more breathing room in your calendar.


Furthermore, it is acceptable to set limits and refuse to do things that you know will add unneeded stress to your life. It will be easier for you to keep these limits once the holiday is over if you establish them during a time of year when stress levels are high, like right now. Your mental health is a top concern, and anyone or anything that endangers it ought to be dealt with as such.


Adopt an attitude of gratitude.


Too frequently, it is quite simple to concentrate on the negative things that are occurring to us, particularly during a time when loss, loneliness, and unforeseen changes are on the rise. Gratitude enables us to identify the positive aspects of our lives as well as their sources. Spend a few seconds in the morning or at downtime throughout the week focusing on what you are grateful for. Uncertain about where to begin? Here are some straightforward techniques for incorporating appreciation into your daily life:


  1. Create a phone reminder for yourself to stop and express gratitude at that precise moment.

  2. Challenge any negative thoughts that may come to mind with something constructive.

  3. Instead of concentrating entirely on your worry, consider the lessons you can learn from difficult circumstances.

  4. Write a review for a company that gave you a good experience.


Managing your mental health throughout the holidays requires tiny, deliberate actions. You could schedule a Reiki appointment with us to help you deal with stress and boost your mental wellness.