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Simple ways to know your Chakras are Blocked

Simple ways to know your Chakras are Blocked

If you're feeling a bit off but can't put the finger on the reason why, it is possible one of your chakras—the 7 swirling pools of energy in your body—is blocked or out of balance. Each chakra governs different spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of your being, and identifying which one is giving you grief is the first step to turning things around. Read on to learn more about each chakra, how to know if it's blocked, and what you can do to open it and achieve balance.


- Root Chakra


When this chakra is blocked, it is normal to experience anxiety, nightmares, spaciness, and an inability to take action. If it’s overbalanced (hyperactive), you feel an unhealthily strong connection to the physical world and creature comforts. For this chakra, you can try some affirmations, meditation and yoga. Positive affirmations, such as "I am safe in my body" or "I deserve to be safe." are of extreme help.


- Sacral Chakra


An unbalanced sacral chakra can send you on an emotional rollercoaster. It’s blocked by stress or emotional conflict and causes big, rapid mood swings when it’s overbalanced. To balance out this chakra, practice creative activities. Things like painting, creative writing, going to see a live play, or playing a musical instrument will unblock it and get your energy back.


- Solar Plexus Chakra

When this chakra is underbalanced, you experience self-doubts, have trouble making decisions, and struggle to be your most authentic self. When it’s overbalanced, your ego becomes hyperactive, and you might become power-hungry or self-absorbed. A good remedy would be yoga poses that emphasize core-strengthening moves. Spinal twists, Warrior pose, and Bow pose are all great moves.


- Heart Chakra


When the Heart Chakra is underbalanced, you feel emotionally closed off, a fear of betrayal, anger, bitterness, isolation, and a lack of empathy. If it’s overbalanced, you become codependent in your relationships, needy, jealous, or possessive. To fight this back, repeat positive affirmations about love to yourself, like "I am open to love" or "I forgive myself and others." You can say them out loud or meditate on them silently.


- Throat Chakra


When it’s underbalanced or closed, you experience anxiety during conversations, an inability to speak your mind, and difficulty being honest with yourself and others. When it’s overbalanced, you become extra chatty, overbearing in conversation, and overly critical of others. To balance this chakra, we highly recommend cozy scarves, hot herbal teas, and nourishing soups to soothe the physical pain in your throat when this chakra is blocked.


- Third Eye Chakra


The most obvious symptom of blockage is the inability to connect to or trust your own intuition. If the Third Eye is underbalanced, you try to intellectualize everything, become distrustful or fearful of the process of life, and have anxiety over the future. An overbalanced chakra causes an overactive imagination. Meditation is the best remedy for a blocked Third Eye.


- Crown Chakra


When it’s underbalanced, you feel apathetic, listless, and like you don’t have a direction or purpose in life. An overbalanced crown chakra is rare, but manifests as a feeling of greed that can never be satisfied, arrogance, and a disconnection from other people and the universe. The best fix for a blocked crown chakra is to open and balance the 6 chakras beneath it through meditation, yoga, and other remedies.