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Manifestation and the mind: How positive thinking can rewire your brain

Manifestation and the mind: How positive thinking can rewire your brain

Anyone who practises the Law of Attraction to some degree will tell you that it not only works but also makes them feel better mentally. Many will tell you how thinking positively is favourable for one’s mental well-being and overall wellness.

Affirmations and self-perception: There is a reason why it is recommended that we give ourselves “pep talks” before giving an interview or a speech. It not only boosts self-confidence but also helps ease those wrecked nerves. Regularly practising positive affirmations can help us replace the usual negative thought patterns with optimistic beliefs, thus leading to a more uplifted self-image. 


Gratitude and mindfulness: When we constantly thank the universe for our blessings, it makes the mind more aware of what is going well in our lives. This habit enables us to appreciate the present moment and shift focus away from negativities that serve as a distraction in our path to becoming our higher selves. Mindfully living each minute is a way to improve overall well-being and create joy in everyday life. 


Challenges and opportunities: When we think of the “bright side”, it becomes almost second nature to see each challenge as an opportunity for growth. After all, diamonds grow under pressure and the sun burns to create energy for an entire star system. Even though the human brain tends to focus more on the negatives, looking at your obstacles as a stepping stone rather than a hindrance in your journey can change everything.


Writing positively: When journaling, it is important to note down the things going well. This reinforces positive thinking and helps us appreciate the present rather than focusing on the future or dwelling on the past. 


Belief: A strong belief system that is led by optimism can result in a transformation of our mindset. The motivation that comes from believing in your abilities can fuel positive change in one’s life. There are dozens of books written by experts who have dedicated their entire lives to helping others find their true potential through the power of belief. 


There is no shortage of real life examples of how people have transformed their lives by shifting their mindset. Be it cancer patients healing from their illness or a disabled person winning the paralympics with only a few years of training. These success stories are a reminder of how we can have one of our own by simply believing in ourselves!