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Introducing the Distance Healing Session for Self-Love. This unique session is designed to nurture your journey towards self-acceptance and love, enhancing your well-being on all levels.

Setting Your Intention: When booking your session, please share your intention. Whether it's a broad desire like cultivating self-love, or something more specific, such as boosting body confidence and social ease, your intention guides the energy work. Feel free to specify if there are particular areas of your body or aspects of your self-image you'd like to focus on. Utilizing traditional Reiki symbols, I will tailor the energy to support your unique path to self-love.

Session Details:

  • Scheduling: Upon purchase, you'll select a date and time that aligns with our availability. Your session will be conducted via a video/Zoom call, allowing for a personalized and interactive healing experience.
  • Duration: Standard sessions last 30 minutes. For a deeper healing experience, you can book extended sessions by purchasing additional slots.
  • Inquiries: Questions are welcome! If you're curious about session details or wish to extend your session, don't hesitate to reach out.

Legal Disclaimer: This Reiki session is intended to support, not replace, medical or psychological care. While I don't diagnose or prescribe treatments, Reiki serves as a complement to professional care. It's advised to consult with healthcare professionals for any medical or psychological conditions. By booking this session, you acknowledge that this Reiki practice is a supportive healing modality and agree to our terms of service.

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