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How to cleanse your space with smudging

How to cleanse your space with smudging

Smudging, which is also known as sage burning, finds its origin in Native American cultures. It is a ritual used to cleanse our environment and space of negative energies and bring in positive energy. The smoke that rises from burning the sage fills up the environment and purifies it. You can burn sage in your workplace and your homes. You can also smudge yourself. Keep in mind to always be mindful and ask permission, if other people are around.

Sage is a plant from the Slavia plant family. It serves as an ingredient in improving a person's emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing. 

                   How to burn sage

How can you burn sage?

Native people traditionally burn sage using an abalone shell as a container and then spread the smoke around the space/environment with a feather. Modern practices have provisions for smokeless sage burn for people who are sensitive to smoke or because of an environment where smoke is not appropriate (e.g. an office).
Ingredients you need for smudging

What are the ingredients for burning sage?

  1. A fireproof container for the burning (abalone shell), sage, match or lighter and fanning tool (e.g. feather), a bowl of sand

    How can you apply sage in your homes?

    You can also sage yourself with these steps, the only difference would be that the intentions and attention would be on your body

    1. The bad energy you are about to cleanse must have a path to escape from your house. So, open up a window or door when you are about to smoke the sage. The negative energy will then escape along with the smoke.

    2. Know what type of bad energy you are trying to cleanse. Set your mind firmly on your intentions and decide on a mantra or prayer that reflects the set intentions.

    3. After taking the first two steps, light up the sage. Walk around the rooms and every corner of your house and guide the smoke to the escape route you have created. 

    4. Quickly put out any ember that might fall out of the container. Also, ensure that you do not inhale many clouds of smoke.

    5. Do not use water to extinguish the sage as it'll make it unusable for next time. Simply press the smudge stick into sand or the vessel till its lights are out.

    How does smudging take effect?

    When the smoke is released into the atmosphere, it takes up our intentions and deepest wishes into the sky and mixes it up with the universe, thus connecting us with the divine. 

    In conclusion, do not rush the smudging ritual. For the ritual to run its full course, it takes time. Contemplate your wishes during the moments you might be impatient for the smudging to be complete, this will bide time till the ritual is fully complete.